In stillness we are drawn closer to God through our breath.
— Laura Currie

“Be still and know I am God”

Psalm 46:10

Yoga is a spiritual discipline that seeks to bring harmony between body and mind, but its roots predate organized religion. The word “yoga” means to yoke or unite, and in 2005, I felt the Lord nudging me to teach others that, through the practice of yoga, we can make an intentional connection with God by uniting our mind, body, and spirit.

Teaching yoga from a Christian perspective helps to facilitate worship and celebration of God through movement and meditation. It is about God’s love and presence within you and being filled with the Holy Spirit, which then overflows into the lives of those whom God puts in our path.

As a yoga instructor, my heart is to create a time and a sacred space for my students to meet with God, a place where the Holy Spirit can transform us into the image of Christ. As Christians, we always hear, “When is your quiet time?” This is why Yoga from a Christian perspective is so powerful: you’re physically working your body, spiritually being nourished, and able to sit in the presence of God and listen. That is what I feel God has invited me to create.